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SAHARA® Dry Foam is the answer for silk and dried arrangements when you want to ensure quality
and consistency. SureGripTM cell structure has up to 27% more holding power than other brand. Cuts
easily without crumbling or shredding, does not absorb hot-melt glue. Brick is 3" x 4" x 8"
Instant #81- Standard Floral Foam punched with holes for faster water
Instant Deluxe #147- A Deluxe Floral Foam punched for faster
Deluxe #127- Heavy density. Ideal for larger-stemmed flowers,
especially tropicals – birds of paradise, ginger, heliconia, protea, etc.
Standard #50– Medium density. Perfect for everyday designs
Standard Oasis - case of 24 bricks
Instant Oasis - case of 36 bricks
Deluxe Oasis - case of 36 bricks
Instant Deluxe Oasis - case of 36 bricks
Instant Advantage Plus #181- All purpose economy foam punched with holes
for faster water absorption for the price-conscious florist.  Light to medium
density foam with average stem grip for most day-to-day arrangements.
Avantage Plus Instant Oasis - case of 36 bricks
Oasis® Brand Floral Foams For Fresh Flowers
Preferred by more retail florists than any other brand. Unique cell structure closely resembles the
natural cell structure of a plant stem and continually releases water to the stem for longer flower life.
Each 9" x 4" x 3" brick is scored at 1/2 and 1/3 for accurate cutting and less waste. Saturates
completely each and every time, with each brick holding up to two quarts of water.
Oasis® Brand Floral Foam For Dry Flowers
Sahara II Foam #620 - case of 20 bricks
Pack of 6
Maxlife Standard Oasis® Foam