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Oasis® Waterproof Tape
  • Pressure-sensitive tape ideal for securing wet foam to containers
  • Remains firm and intact even when exposed to moisture
  • Available in 60 yard rolls. Sold individually.
Floratape by Pechiney is the original self-sealing stem wrap for finishing corsage and
wedding bouquet stems, floral novelties, and silk or dried flowers and can provide a neutral
or colorful finishing touch to creative and original floral work. Excellent stretch means you
use less tape Superior adhesion means it sticks to itself and the flower stem when stretched
Floratape stem wrap does not stick to your fingers. Colorfast, it will not bleed when damp or
wet flowers are assembled Fine textured and smooth surface creates a natural appearance
and high quality. Each roll is 1/2" x 90'. Available in Light Green, Dark Green, Red, White,
and brown. Sold by the pack of 2 or by a box of 12 rolls.
1/2" Oasis® Green Tape 60 yard roll (1600)
We sell the top quality OASIS® and Pechiney Tapes.
Name brands you can trust.
1/4" Oasis® Green Tape 60 yard roll (1610)
  • Perfect for creating a grid to assist in arranging flowers in vases.
  • Available in 60 yard rolls. Sold individually.
1/2" Oasis ® Clear Tape 60 yard roll (1641)
1/4" Oasis® Clear Tape 60 yard roll (1640)
  • Sold individually.
1/2" Floratape - box of 12 rolls
1/2" Floratape pack of 2 rolls