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OASIS® SuperWet™ Bouquet Holder
  • Bouquet-engineered OASIS® Floral Foam for the freshest flowers
  • Exclusive water-wicking system to continuously deliver water
  • Large design windows
  • Dome shape for optimizing dimension
  • Taper candle-sized opening on top
  • Eyelet on bottom for ribbon or decorative finish
Oasis™ & Lomey® Bouquet Holder
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Wedding & Prom
Medium Straight Handle #1730
Box of 12
2 ¼" Diameter, 7" Length
Oasis® Wedding Belle® Bouquet Holder has a rounded cage optimizes the depth and dimension of the
bouquet. Attach stems to outside of the handle for a hand-tied look.
  • Caged filled with OASIS® Floral Foam Maxlife to provide a continuous water source for bouquets that live up to 50% longer than in
    any other design mechanic
  • Rigid plastic construction supports the weight of flowers and allows a variety of bouquet designs
  • Rounded cage optimizes depth and dimension to bouquets
  • Features a waterproof, shatterproof plastic handle in straight and slant handle styles
  • New Clear Handle Design
Large Straight Handle #1720
Box of 12
¾" Diameter, 7.5" Length
Medium Slant Handle #1710
Box of 12
2 ¼" Diameter, 7" Length
Large Slant Handle #1700
Box of 12
¾" Diameter, 7.5" Length
#1741 SuperWet ™ Bouquet Holder
Green Straight Handle (Box of 4)
Lomey® Bouquet Holder
secures even the heaviest bouquet
  • Teardrop opening on handle is ideal for starting and securing a
    ribbon wrap or attaching a streamer
  • Design windows on the underside for easy finishing with foliage
Rigid urethane shell protects from crushing and the floral foam water source
nourishes the entire day
  • Available in two sizes. Small – 4" H x 1 ¾" D and Large – 4" H x 2 ½" D
  • Box of 12
13 Instructional Videos on bouquet holders by Smithers Oasis®

Adjustable wristlets
Fits most sizes with a quality hook
clip holds corsage in place

Adjust easily to any wrist
Satin Velcro® Wristlets
Wristlets                Adjust
easily to any wrist size
Grande Straight Handle #1775
Box of 12
3 5/8" Diameter, 7.75" Length
Box of 12