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We are a wholesale supplier that sells to Florists, Interior Decorators, Special Event and Party
Planners, Gift and Craft shops. We are only set up to take orders from our online store. In fact we do
everything online and it's how we are able to offer lower pricing. We have thousands of items ready to
ship to you at wholesale prices. We only sell top quality and brand names that professionals trust to get
the job done
. We use email to communicate with our customers but in the event that there is a problem
or if you need to talk to someone rest assured we will call you back. We closely monitor the email and
orders as they come in. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with our website and service.  
You will notice that our website does not have pop up advertising or links to other websites and
potentially dangerous things. We wanted to create a safe secure website where our clients can purchase
the supplies they need to help them grow their business. As always we appreciate any comments or
suggestions that you would like to send us.
Floral Supply Online is only set up to take orders online and communicate by email.
We will respond to your questions or comments a soon as possible.