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that the Seller reasonably requests.

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At Floral Supply Online we manufacture, import, and distribute floral and craft supplies. We work closely
a variety of companies worldwide to ensure the highest quality products. Our distributors cater to
Florist, Interior Decorators, Special Event and Party Planners, Gift and Craft shops.

Our distributors cater to Florist, Interior Decorators, Special Event and Party Planners, Gift & Craft shops.

For bouquets, tabletops, and more, nothing marks a special occasion like flowers, Whether the look is
traditional or trendy, choose wedding products that will make the event and our products provide you
the tools to add flowers anywhere on the wedding day!

For over 50 years, our Goal has been 100% Customer Satisfaction.
We specialize in providing quality floral supplies at the best pricing.

All of our products are backed with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

The floral supplies you need to get the job done.